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  • Do you want to Learn more than the basic movements you learned at the free lessons?

  • Are you ready to take your dance skills to the next level?

Douglas and Jennifer are more than just instructors – they are Technicians. They have spent years travelling and taking workshops from the Top Pros in the West Coast Swing Scene, not only learning and perfecting the art and technique of their beloved dance, but studying closely how their favourite mentors teach. Douglas and Jennifer do not teach set patterns, instead they teach you the techniques required for you to create your own patterns.

“Let the Physics Create The Art” – Robert Royston

Private Lesson

Want to focus on a specific topic or technique of your dance?A Private Lesson is the option you are looking forCost:
  • $40.00 per hour
  • $100.00 – 4 lesson package


For more information or to book your Lessons please Contact Douglas at

You want want to learn West Coast Swing? You dont want to be stuck in the 20% group of the class that gets left behind? Or your schedule doesn’t allow for you to commit the group class schedule? We are now offering our group class syllabus as a 4 wk private class.

Each class consists of 4 – 1 hour classes scheduled around your availability.
Cost $100.00 per course per couple.

We are currently offering the current courses.

  • WCS Beginner Level 1, 2
  • WCS Intermediate Level 1, 2

For more information or to book your Lessons please Contact Douglas at

Are you westie curious or just not sure if you want to commit to a paid private lesson yet?

We offer a free drop-in lesson at the Toon Town Tavern every Thursday night at 8:00pm (*Lesson topic may vary depending on attendance)

Hangout with us after the lesson for the party and practice your new skills


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